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19 December 2010

Ready Stock Bag


BG111 RM32(Brown:2,Black:8)

BG0117 RM34(Brown:3)

BG0260 RM32 (Dark Brown:22)

BG0404 RM28 (Red:3)

BG0678 RM30 (Brown:1)

BG0785 RM34 (Camel Brown:5, Dark Brown:2)

BG0824 RM34 (Pink:4, White:5)

BG0881 RM50 (Black:7, Brown:4)

BG0882 RM37 (Brown:21, White:2)

BG0884 RM37 (White:4, Brown:6,  Dark Brown:7)

BG0890 RM (Red:9, Camel Brown:10, Beige:4)

BG0958 RM37 (Black:3)

BG0965 RM34 (Pink:2, White:4)

BG1092 RM30  out of stock

BG1137 RM37 (Yellow:4 )

BG1230 RM34 (Black:3)

BG1249 RM44 (Khaki:2, Brown:3)

BG1301 RM40 (Red:6)

BG1323 RM34  out of stock

BG1327 RM32 (Camel brown:5, Dark Brown: 8)

BG1428 RM37 (Dark Brown: 8)

BG1416 RM37 (Brown:5, Dark Brown:7)

BG1458 RM40 (Black:11)

BG1496 RM32 (Black:12, Gold:12, White:13)

BG1558 RM37 (Beige: 13)

BG1612 RM28 (Black:2, PinkRed:2)

BG1665 RM34 (Blue:6, Brown:5, Purple:2, Khaki:4)

BG1670 RM34 (Brown:12, Gold:10, Silver:5)

MULBERRY BG1673 RM70 (Black:2)

BG1688 RM32 (Blue:9)

BG1718 RM38 (red:11, Orange:7)

BG1720 RM60 (Red:3, Nude Pink:10, PinkRed:9)

BG1740 RM48 (Brown:5)

BG1742 RM56 (Red:3)

BG1747 RM12
 (Grey:12, Pink:8,Green:14, Blue:9, Red:4)

BG1751 RM39 (Black:4, White:3, Camel Brown:5)

BG1753 RM37 (Red:2)

BG1760 RM37 (Pink:2)

BG1767 RM35 (Yellow:3, Brown:5, Pink:2, Beige:2) 

BG1785 RM20 ( Black:8 , Green:5, Orange:7, PinkRed:5, White:9 )

BG1786 RM17 (Green:5,  PinkRed:4)

BG1788 RM20 ( DarkPink:3, Yellow:2, Purple:5, Red:4)

BG1790 RM28 (Black:6, White3, Green:2, Pinkred:5, Red:4)

BG1805 RM30 (Grey:3, Black:2, Yellow:3, Pinkred:3)

BG1809 RM40 (Red:4)

BG1815 RM42 (Black:3, Purple:3)

BG1820 RM38 (Pink:3)

BG1823 RM28 (Brown:5)

BG1825 RM46 Brown:4

BG1833 RM47 Red:2

BG1835 RM34 (Grey:3)

BG1842 RM19 (Purple:3, Red:3, Khaki:3)

BG1846 RM47 (Purple:8, Black:3, Blue:5)

BG1847 RM40 (DarkBlue:10, Saphire Blue:10, Blue:4)

BG1848 RM32 (Black:1)

BG1849 RM47 (Black:3, Brown:3)

BG1850 RM28 (Black:3, Green:3)

BG1854 RM48 (Red:10, CamelBrown:10)

BG1856 RM35 (White:14)

BG1857 RM28 (Blue:4, Black:5)

BG1859 RM34 Brown:2

BG1866 RM12 Green:6

BG1867 RM38 Camelbrown:7

BG1869 RM40 Blue:3

BG1871 RM38 (Blue:2, Darkblue:6)

BG1872 RM38 (Dark Blue:3, Saphire Blue:2)

BG1873 RM38 (CamelBrown:4, Black:7)

BG1874 RM18 (Yellow:9, PinkRed:8 ,Blue:2 )

BG1875 RM38 (Grey:3, Brown:2)

BG1877 RM32 (Blue:2, Dark Blue:3, Saphire Blue:4)

BG1878 RM34 Blue:5

BG1885 RM29 Green:3

BG1886 RM45 (White:3, BrownPurple:2)

BG1888 RM38 (Khaki:3, Red:1,)

BG1889 RM58 Black:2

BG1890 RM18 
(White:8, Black:10, Blue:3, Yellow:6 ,Pink:2, Red:10, Purple5, Pinkred:4, orange:10, DarkGreen:5)

BG1891 RM26 (Red:5, Pinkred:2, Blue:2)

BG1896 RM60 (Camelbrown:4, Red:5, Black:1)

BG1897 RM32 (Beige:45, Grey:4, Khaki:4 )

BG1898 RM32 (Blue:2, Brown:9, Grey:7)

BG1899 RM32 (Black:1, Silver:8, Brown:1, Purple:5)

BG1900 RM57 (Black:9)

BG1901 RM38 (Grey:4, Camelbrown:3, Darkbrown:4)

BG1902 RM38 (Blue:5, Green:10, Black:2)

BG1904 RM30 (Purple:5, Red:6)

BG1905 RM13 (Red:3, Pink:2, Orange:5, White:5)

BG1913 RM34 (Brown:3, DarkBrown:4)

BG1914 RM34 (Yellow:5, Brown:5, Pinkred:5)

BG1916 RM42 (Black:4)

BG1917 RM26 
(Pinkred:1, Blue:2, Yellow:2, White:3, Pink:1, Silver:5, Green:1, DarkBlue:2)

BG1918 RM22 (Black:10, Red:9, Blue:3, Green:3)

BG1919 RM30 (Pink:2, PinkRed:4, Black:2)

BG1920 RM (Black:2)

BG1923 RM42 (Black:5, Green:5, Beige:4 ,Red:4)

BG1924 RM40 (Grey:5, Blue:4)

BG1925 RM37 (Red:3)

BG1926 RM37 (Grey:5)

BG1927 RM38 (Black:3)

BG1930 RM37 (Camelbrown:5, Black:3)

BG1935 RM34 (Blue:3, Grey:3, Green:4)

BG1936 RM40 (Black:4,Red:3, Camelbrown:2)

BG1937 RM44 (Brown:9)

BG1941 RM47 (Camelbrown:10, Black:4)

BG1942 RM46 Black:4

BG1945 RM42 (Brown:2, Darkbrown:1)

BG1946 RM42 (Brown:4, Darkbrown:5) 

BG1948 RM32 (Blue:12, Black:4, Brown:8, Red:8)

BG1949 RM35 (Red:7, Blue:2)

BG1950 RM37 (Black:13)

BG1951 RM45 (Black:4, White:4)

BG1953 RM48 Camelbrown:6

BG1957 RM32 (Black:5, Khaki:3, Blue:2) 

BG1963 RM45 (Black:2)

BG1966 RM 45 (Grey:15, Black:15, Brown:11, Purple:8)


BG1969 RM13 (Black:20, White:20)

BG1968 RM35 (Black:4, DarkBrown:4, Brown:4)

BG1978 RM57 (camelbrown:13, Beige:17)

BG1979 RM48 (pink:4)

BG1981 RM40 (Black:2, Blue:3 Khaki:1, Brown:3, Green:2)

BG1982 RM25 (Pink:3, Yellow:2, Purple:2, Black:2)

BG1983 RM34 (Darkbrown:2, Camelbrown:2)

BG1986 RM35 (Beige:3,Green:2, Black:4)